Occupational Therapy





Pediatric Occupational Therapists address a wide variety of physical, emotional, behavioral and social issues and conditions that limit a child’s ability to perform their “occupations” as a child, such as learning, playing, performing activities of daily living and interacting with others.  Occupational Therapists use functional activities, combined with manual muscle techniques, specialized programs, approaches and assistive technology to achieve independence and improve progress in children with special needs. 


Children struggling with the following

benefit from Occupational Therapy intervention:



·        Typically developing children with difficulty in one or more area of school performance

·         Autism, Aspergers  Syndrome

·         Pervasive developmental disorders

·        Developmental Delays of fine and gross motor skills

·         Handwriting difficulties

·         Fragile X

·         Vision issues

·         Neurological conditions

·         ADD / ADHD

·         Down’s Syndrome

·     Sensory Integration Dysfunction

·        Birth injuries / birth defects

·        Prematurity related conditions and delays

·         Traumatic injuries

·         Muscle / sports injuries

·         Burns  / Post surgical conditions

·         Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

·         Chronic illnesses

·         Amputations / Hand injuries

·         Learning problems

·         Specific learning disabilities

·        Study skill difficulties / Self organization difficulties


At Sensational Kids we believe that all children can learn and develop through the right sensory, motor and play experiences.  Our purpose and dedication are to improve children’s abilities through child specific sensory, motor and play experiences and to empower parents.






·        Evaluation of gross and fine motor development, handwriting, visual-motor, visual perceptual, personal independence, play and interpersonal skills.

·         Sensory Integrative Dysfunction evaluation and treatment

·        Sensory Diet recommendations specific to the child’s sensory processing and modulation needs.  This includes specific movement and tactile activities geared to regulate the child’s responses to and processing of sensory input from the environment to improve self regulation and learning.

·         Customized treatment programs specific to the child’s sensory, motor, self care and play needs, e.g. Sensory Integration approaches, innovative remedial handwriting programs (Handwriting Without Tears, Loops and Groups), as well as specific activities to improve visual, visual perceptual, visual motor, coordination, fine motor, social and play skills.

·         Cutting Edge treatment approaches:  such as The Therapeutic Listening (TM) program to address auditory sensitivity issues, overall attention, motor organization and social connection.

·         Groups:  Social-Motor Groups (3-5y, 6-9y), Pre-writing (3-5 y) and Handwriting Groups (6-9y)

·         Consultation with parents and schools on how to modify and plan home and classroom activities which maximize participation and independence.

·        Sensory Solutions for the Home:  Home assessments and consultations to provide parents with recommendations on how to use specific sensory strategies, resources at home and specific home activities to address Sensory Integration and overall developmental issues.

·         Assistive Technology / Assistive Devices to improve function and independence at home, school and within the community.




About Our Staff:


Our therapists have decades of experience in treating a wide variety of pediatric conditions.  Our experience and background in child development and pediatric conditions uniquely qualifies us to provide excellence in treatment, and practical, creative ways to improve function in all learning environments.  We realize how important it is for our expertise extends beyond the actual therapy session.  We therefore focus on providing parents with appropriate home programs and collaborate with school personnel on how to maximize classroom performance. 


Afternoon, Evening and Weekend hours available

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“Are we going to Sensational Kids today?”  Is what my guys always ask.  Can anything compare to that?  My boys love their therapist because they learn new things every session and are so proud of themselves!  My boys’ therapist is so energetic and happy all of the time, and I am confident that my boys will improve their fine motor skills because of the attention and assistance they receive here.  I’d be more than happy to assist any parent when contemplating an Occupational Therapist for their child.  All the staff  at Sensational Kids have been wonderful – my kids keep smiling!

Susan Ambrose, Moorestown, NJ


My daughter looks forward to her sessions each week.  She thinks it is “playtime” but she is working very hard.  It really shows!  We are learning together.  Sensational Kids and I work as a “team” to provide the best for her!

Marianna Fox


My son has made more progress than I ever hoped he would.  Not only has he developed a deep bond with his therapist, but he has also gained self-confidence and pride in knowing that he can do the things that he could not do before.  All the staff at Sensational Kids are very dedicated, caring and knowledgeable and are a huge asset to the field of Occupational therapy, as well as a gift to parents who are looking for solid answers, help and guidance.  I could never be happier as the parent of an autistic child than I am with the level of care and commitment that Sensational Kids has shown again and again to my son and our family.

Audrey Mariani, Marlton, NJ


I really appreciate how motivating the therapist is, and my daughter really responds well to her energy and positive attitude.

Sara Lilja, Moorestown, NJ


Sensational Kids provides a comfortable and nurturing environment.  The staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful.  My son always looks forward to his sessions, and I am excited about the progress he makes.  The variety of equipment and resources makes each session interesting and fun.

Colleen, Mt Laurel, NJ


I have been extremely pleased with the OT services my son has received from Sensational Kids.  The therapist has been absolutely wonderful working with him.  The therapists really care about the children they serve and want them to succeed.  I would and do highly recommend Sensational Kids.

Terri, Laurel Springs, NJ


The therapist that works with my child at Sensational Kids is excellent!  My child has made significant progress in his overall development.  My son loves coming to Sensational Kids as well!

Sandy, Williamstown, NJ


My son’s therapist at Sensational Kids is loving, warm and playful, as well as skillful, talented and experienced.  These attributes helped my son be motivated and feel secure during his therapy sessions, and has taken my son to new heights I thought he might not achieve.  I feel great about my son’s progress.

Laurie, Robbinsville, NJ

I have been bringing my son to Sensational Kids for around 4 months.  He showed signs of numerous S.I. issues.  Since working with our therapist, he has improved greatly in many areas.  The greatest improvement has been his eating habits.  The SOS feeding program that our therapist uses has done wonders for his eating issues.  He is much more interested in trying new foods and leaning that he actually likes most of them!  Since coming to Sensational Kids, my son has also gotten over the hump of potty training.  This had been a great challenge to us, but now it is a part of his everyday routine.  I highly recommned Sensational Kids.

Jay, Cherry Hill, NJ




Does your child have difficulty with attending, processing or overall motor skills?  Has your child been in therapy for a while with limited progress or a leveling off in progress?  Interactive Metronome (IM) is a very well researched, highly acclaimed program that has been used in the US since 1990.  IM is widely used in children with learning disabilities, reading difficulties, Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities, Sensory Processing Disorders, Auditory Processing difficulties, ADHD, ADD and children on the Autism Spectrum.  Interactive metronome provides a new educational technology aimed at improving neural timing and related motor planning and sequencing, resulting in measurable improvements in overall motor skills, attention, processing speed and even reading. 


Current theory and research, supported by fMRI brain imaging, indicates that IM treatment impacts on several structures of the brain recognized as being central to effective and efficient information processing.  IM impacts three key aspects of functioning: 

1.    Timing, sequencing & coordination / gross motor, fine motor and coordination skills  

2.    Information processing (processing speed, organization of information, planning and sequencing of mental processes, more accurate recall of information)

3.    Focus and Concentration (the ability to apply intense focus when needed, to focus for extended periods of time, and the ability to apply and maintain focus despite challenging conditions such as fatigue, stress and situational distractions).

4.    IM also has a marked impact on direction following and impulse control issues.


IM sessions involve tapping motions of each limb in response to and in sync with the sound produced on the computer / headphones.  Sessions include sensory-motor movement breaks and motivating supportive coordination and listening activities in our Sensory-Integration gym.  Instructors have at least 16 years of experience in working with children of all ability levels to assure motivation, engagement and appropriate modification to your child’s ability level.  A pre- and post-test provides parents with specific, measurable data in terms of progress. 


More information, demonstration videos and research results:  available on the official IM website: www.interactivemetronome.com.  Please also refer to the attached informational handout.


Enrollment:  In order to reserve a slot, Please complete the attached enrollment form and mail along with a $200 deposit to the address above.  Enrollment forms and a description of the program are also available on our website:  www.iamasensationalkid.com.  Should you have any further questions, please contact Liezl Smith / Director of Services:


Liezl Smith / OTRL, IMC / Director

Cell:  (609) 367-4790 / Email:  lsmith@iamasensationalkid.com